I am an unapologetic queer feminist whose paintings, performances, and video installations aim to be in direct dialogue with the portrayal of the gendered body throughout art history and popular culture. Although I am often inspired by critical discourse, I do not restrict myself to narrow articulations of established theoretical modalities within my artistic practice. Instead the objective of my work is to expose, humiliate, and transcend my singular self as I create visualizations of my fears and desires.

My current body of work addresses the state of psychological duality that is encouraged by our heteronormative gender binary. Inaccessible regions of the corporeal body are probed as the camera lens is collapsed within the physical cavities of the mouth and the gut. Elements of physical duration are evident in my two dimensional work and performances/video installations. Bodies are doubled, exposed, strained, and humiliated as the legitimacy of the duality of the self is questioned. Conventional modes of looking that have been defined by oppositional relationships between mind and body, femininity and masculinity, and artist and model are challenged.

The fundamental goal of my work is to provide my audience with genuine visual admissions of my vulnerability. Doing so requires a fierce, altruistic commitment to unearthing painful personal truths.


I can spin my sorrow into gold. But I refuse to clean up anyone’s mess with my silence.